Good spanking mentors are as rare as hens’ teeth

... but I’ve managed to find one. We have our sessions on a Saturday, usually, so Friday’s the day I prepare my list of confessions ready to present to him.

This week I was supposed to get my new book finished. Somehow the dread of being punished is more powerful than the glee of an achievement, but even so it looks as though I’m going to fail.

Oh dear. It won’t be a pleasant experience (except in retrospect). I get treated much like Betty does by her mentor in Betty’s Mentor, except that the targets are mine and there’s no Michael to appease!

I think many of us could do with a Jude in our lives – someone who inspires fear and awe, who judges us, but who also listens and understands.

I won’t say that my mentor is like Jude because, like the man who found the mouse in his stew, you’d all be wanting him too!