What is it that makes spankings so attractive to women?

It really boils down to the eternal dichotomy between erotic spankings and punishment spankings.

Punishment spankings are meant to correct and deter, just like any other punishment. A woman might choose to be given a spanking above other kinds of punishment for the simple reason that it’s of limited duration, doesn’t (or shouldn’t) do lasting damage, and ‘puts something right in her head’. She was uppity and she’s been flattened. World order is restored.

But there’s a blurry divide between punishment spankings and erotic spankings. Erotic spankings can hurt and can be ‘pretend’ punishments in the context of role play. On the other hand, punishment spankings can be deeply erotic. Why?

The most obvious reason is that the buttocks are an erogenous zone where the nerve endings are buried deep and may respond most rewardingly when struck with a degree of force. Another reason is that submission can in itself be a turn-on for women. There’s also the whole shadowy question of whether childhood spankings affect what a person finds arousing.

Anyway, I’m putting all this forward because Betty receives punishment spankings from Michael and yet – I’m sure none of my readers would disagree – doesn’t exactly go all out to avoid them. In fact, subconsciously, I thinks she goads him into putting her over his knee. The key word there is ‘subconsciously’ because she doesn’t seem to like the experience of being spanked nor the soreness that lingers afterwards. Perhaps – as she guesses herself – she likes the feeling of loss of control, of being in the power of someone to whom she has yielded willingly in a general sense even if not so willingly on this occasion.

But there’s no need to analyse this deeply in order to enjoy the books!