Panties, knickers or nothing at all?

Doing odd bits of research for my fantasy novel which, like so many fantasy novels, describes a medieval-type civilization, it's clear that women of that era generally didn't wear anything under their skirts (except when they had their period, of course).

Anyway, it got me to thinking about the situation nowadays. It's supposed to be a lot healthier to wear a skirt with nothing under it and have the air reaching your private parts. It prevents yeast infections etc etc. But what people don't talk about is how incredibly on-turning it is.

For one thing there's the risk of the wind blowing your skirt up, and who would see it, and what they'd think. It also feels really good and free and natural: the air itself seems to massage you. I'd compare it with sitting on a bidet and directing a jet of water upwards.

There's one disadvantage, though. If I'm due for a spanking on the bare (like from my mentor), I always want to have panties on so they can be pulled down. My skirt being lifted is good, but it's not enough. I feel there's something missing if my bottom's there on a plate, so to speak.

Panties coming down is like an invasion of the inner citadel. It's an annihilation of dignity and privacy, and a symbol of utter defeat. It heralds a pretty uncomfortable experience, usually, but you can't have one thing without the other!