Public spankings - ordeal or turn-on?

I would divide public spankings into two main kinds. There’s the sort where the audience is casual and consists of strangers. Examples are: being dragged into the back seat of a car in a busy car park, being turned over your partner’s knee on a park bench, or being punished in an overlooked garden.

Then there’s the spanking which takes place in front of a dedicated audience. For example, your husband has decided he needs to make a spectacle of you in front of your dinner party guests. Maybe he belongs to an organisation through which he can put you forward for a public spanking.

The O-Bay Club is one of these organisations. Women are spanked, often by their husbands but sometimes by volunteers, in front of  a large gathering of  Club members who comprise dominant men, and wives who may themselves be due on the floor shortly. Crimes are read out first, and the precise nature of the punishment to follow is outlined.

But what’s in it for the woman other than extra shame, extra embarrassment, and the prospect of being a topic of conversation for some time to come? It’s actually a fantasy for some women, but why?

I personally think it has simply to do with one of the attractions of punishment spankings generally. Submission and shaming can themselves be a turn-on. In a private bare-bottom spanking, one man has you before him, open and vulnerable, every intimate part of your anatomy on display. In a public spanking, that one man is replaced by a collective presence which, being greater – more universal, more cosmic if you like – offers a greater thrill.

Obviously audience ribaldry, contempt, hostility, involvement, etc can turn the whole thing sour.

But the biggest turn-on of all, in my opinion, is the threat of a spanking being made public. That way your imagination can run riot without any of the risks, and your submission will reflect the threatened scenario.

I describe a public spanking in one of my books, Her Shaming.