Melissa Harding

Spanking stories excite me and I love writing them. I'm Melissa Harding and I'm an author of a number of tales about disciplining wayward women (like myself) who frequently need a firm hand to bring them into line.

My heroines all have 'attitude' and I'm a strong believer in them not being victims. It's very clear that they love their men and wouldn't change the way they are. That doesn't stop the women being sassy and then suffering the consequences, of course! Setting and story are also important to me and I'm not one for a diatribe of misery and subjection. Romance, humor and a sound spanking - makes me feel sexy thinking about it.
But this blog is not just a platform for my books - it's also somewhere that I can put down my many thoughts and ideas about the world of spanking and its implications to us girls. The blog's also a way in which you can give me your ideas and feedback etc.

You'll find details of my book promotions here, too (I write for Any Subject Books) and they list my books on Amazon. If you'd like details of any of my titles, you'll find direct links in the navigation strip on the right hand side of every page. My publishers normally charge $1.50 per book and then offer a compilation of 4 books for $4.50. Each book is the equivalent of about 40 pages.

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If you have a story to tell that you'd like me to turn into a short story, tell me about that, too. Just use the contact form on this blog and ... well, you know the rest. I always answer my emails so you can be guaranteed of a personal response.