Spankings based on confessions are a disincentive for telling the truth.

It takes a very rigorous sort of person to confess the unvarnished and whole truth about their behavior if they know that the severity of a spanking will be based on their account. I know that I’m not one of those people. I’m not saying that I would invent a whole week’s worth of angelic deeds when I’m paying for a spanking mentor to help me correct certain tendencies I have, but I am saying that I might well tone something down that I think would otherwise be a red rag to my mentor.

But that isn’t the way things normally work between us. Odd though it may seem, we have an agreement whereby I receive more-or-less the same spanking whether I’ve been bad or very bad. (Of course if I resist or argue the whole thing can blow wide open.)

The reason behind this apparently bizarre system is that my mentor encourages me to make a complete clean breast of the week’s happenings without fear of increased pain and also without complacency if things have gone well. I accuse myself and receive a fixed penalty, if you like, while my mentor’s verbal comments (scolding) and my own conscience supply the difference.

The spanking is a punishment for what I’ve done wrong, or haven’t done right, and at the same time an atonement. It allows me to start again and try to do better for the sake of doing better, not for the sake of less time with my bottom bared over my mentor’s knee.