To bare or not to bare?

There are three main reasons to spank on the bare. One is to cause more pain with less effort, another is so as to be able to check the progress of the punishment (and make sure it doesn’t do any damage), and the other is to humiliate. The three reasons not to spank on the bare are pretty much the opposite of all those.

By the way I’m talking about spanking a consenting adult here. I don’t believe in spanking children at all, but that’s another story.

I’ve heard say that a woman who isn’t used to being spanked can be reduced to tears by the simple request to pull down her pants, so embarrassing does she find it.

My own first experience with a spanking mentor wasn’t quite as bad as that but it was similar. I’d signed my consent on a contract where it was clearly stated that I would be spanked over the knee on the bare so in theory I knew what would happen, but when it actually came to my first punishment it was a terrible shock.

I was standing shaking in front of my mentor when he told me to pull down my knickers. I was a bit confused because I had a skirt on and it seemed strange to be removing one and not the other. I hadn’t realised he was planning to deal with my skirt afterwards. So I just stood there. In the end he grabbed me, put me over his knee, lifted up my skirt and pulled down my knickers for me. I was totally outraged. I kicked and yelled, but he held on and waited for me to quieten down before he started spanking me.

Baring your bottom for a spanking isn’t like going to the doctor’s and getting behind a screen, all nice and tasteful. It’s meant to be shaming. So whether you do it or have it done for you, it’s an intrinsic part of the punishment.

And the best part as far as I’m concerned!