Judged, punished, forgiven

As a female submissive, I’m interested in analyzing exactly what it is that is so appealing about certain aspects of the lifestyle and desires not only of women like myself, but of women in general.

Why, for example, has the domination described in ‘Fifty shades of grey’ struck such a chord? Why does a ‘masterful’ man stir one’s entrails? Why do women submit to humiliation and pain, neither of which are intrinsically desirable?

I have a theory. Probably one that leaks like a sieve but a theory none-the-less.

Women are a dark force, hence wisewomen, witches, childbirth, menstruation etc etc. All the things that men can’t do or can’t understand.

However, working counter to that tendency, and necessary for the sexual transparency which allows men to sleep easy, is the desire in the female to be open, honest and above all overlooked. Perhaps I should say: ‘known’, ‘seen’.

For me, having never made confession in my life and not believing in a deity (which doesn’t mean I’m not religious), the idea of God being inside you and knowing all your thoughts is immensely attractive. I don’t really want to be mysterious. I want someone to know me through and through.

By extension I want to be judged, punished and forgiven. And if it’s not going to be done by a deity at some point in the future, then what better person to do it than a Master, or the Man in your life?

If you enjoy being spanked – even the humiliation and pain of spanking – then you have the perfect answer to your psychological needs. Spanking is extremely personal. When done on the bare bottom it involves the exposure to close-up view of an area which is usually intensely private, and at the same time a mental stripping-away of pretense through pain, which allows no secrets to persist.

It’s better still if the man enjoys the spanking process because you then have the perfect transaction within your relationship.