Betty's Boot Camp

Betty's Boot Camp, the first in the Training of Betty series, is the fairly light-hearted story of a young woman, Betty, who values her relationship with her boyfriend Michael and wants to marry him. He represents stability to her, but he has his own way of correcting her mistakes and her character flaws. He spanks her for each and every fault, and whatever she does to try to hide from him, he finds her out. Her efforts to avoid the spankings appear pretty feeble sometimes, but that's because she doesn't mind them all that much. Like for many women, a spanking can be a painful affair at the time but it gives a feeling of security. The man knows; the man can; the man is in charge. Michael is fairly inventive in what he does and he often gives Betty a pretty sore bottom, but he isn't brutal. He's genuinely fond of her and he genuinely wants to improve her.

Sample text

He got up, helped her into her coat with elaborate courtesy, and walked to the car. She followed, a sinking feeling in her heart. Why had she been so flippant? Couldn’t she even manage to behave herself in one otherwise perfect evening?

They drove back to the cottage in silence, but as they pulled up, Michael said:
Go to the bedroom and wait for me.”

Betty obeyed. She sat on edge of the bed, listening to the sounds of Michael closing and bolting the front door. There was a little tremor in her stomach. Although Michael’s spankings almost invariably hurt, she had to admit, very, very privately, that she enjoyed the feeling of being overpowered by someone who was so clearly in charge.

Right, my girl,” said Michael as he closed the bedroom door. “What is it to be? Over my knee or over the edge of the bed?”

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