Betty's Humiliation

We met the dreadful Aunt Beryl in 'Cherish and Obey' when Betty stuck out her tongue at her and penned a rude postcard to her, both misdemeanours well punished by Michael. Now Michael's invited her to stay as a challenge to his young wife! Her personality is just what we might have expected and Betty has to bite her tongue and struggle through, aided by discipline she receives both from her mentor Jude, and Michael. Betty's efforts to entertain Aunt Beryl mostly fall on stony ground, but the atmosphere changes somewhat when it transpires that Aunt Beryl herself had a domestic discipline arrangement with her late husband. This piece of news so intrigues Betty that she finds herself trying to goad Aunt Beryl into spanking her, something which she finally achieves.

Sample text

Aunt Beryl must have left the door of her bedroom open or he must have knocked to ask how she was feeling, because she came thundering down the stairs. After checking that her own elaborate dish was in the fridge and not in the waste bin, she backed Betty up against the kitchen counter.

You naughty, naughty girl,” she scolded vehemently. “You’ve been taking advantage of me! I expect you’ve been laughing at me all along in that silly, rebellious head of yours. Well I’ll tell you one thing: you never had a better chance to learn, and you threw it away!”

Michael appeared behind her.

"You don’t need your husband to spank you,” Aunt Beryl continued, “because I’m going to do it myself!”

She seized Betty by the shoulders and turned her round so that she was bent forward against the counter. Then she grabbed a wooden spoon from the jar and with a force surprising in one so mature, began belabouring Betty’s bottom with it through her jeans.

"She won’t understand that,” came Michael’s voice. “I’ll take over from here but you need to watch and I might ask you to participate.”

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