Betty's Mentor

Betty has tried to defy the O-Bay Club and the Secretary of the Club has agreed that the punishment for her outburst should be administered by a professional spanking mentor, Jude, a man whom Betty has already seen in action and who inspires in her very particular feelings of awe. After the first session, Michael arranges for her to have ongoing regular sessions, Jude's remit being to take Betty's confessions of wrongdoing, analyse the reasons for her misbehaviour, and punish her with bare-bottom spankings. Jude is also a stickler for respect from his clients and so metes out punishments on his own account as well.

Sample text

Jude moved like a panther seizing its prey. He upended her over one raised knee, hauled up her skirt and dragged down her knickers. Then he slapped her bare bottom very fast and very, very hard so that the whole room resonated with the sound of hard hand forcibly striking soft flesh.

Betty was so taken by surprise that she didn’t utter a sound for a few moments, but after that she howled and bawled for all she was worth. She couldn’t help it. He was driving the air out of her, as well as every remaining scrap of dignity.

"There,” said Jude when he finally put her down. “I hope that was the last – the very last – of your impudence.”

Betty had never felt so humbled. “Yes,” she said. “I’ll never disrespect you again.” And she meant it.

"I’m sure you won’t,” Jude said, in a tone that indicated it was all over and forgotten.

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