Cherish and Obey

This is Michael and Betty's honeymoon, but while the affection and the desire for harmony are real, Betty has vowed to obey her new husband and he's out to make sure she does. Some of his punishments are quite public: he spanks her over the bonnet of the car, in the toilet of the aeroplane, and in front of the hotel manager. Although they start a 'tally' system for Betty's misdemeanours, before long her transgressions are extreme enough for each one to require immediate and severe correction. When the spankings are overheard by the other hotel guests, the manager intervenes to ask them to keep the noise down and Michael uses the bristles of the dreaded hairbrush - just one of the possible instruments.

Sample text

"You’ve shown me that our wedding vows mean nothing to you. You’ve destroyed the trust we were building up and I’ve now got to keep you under twenty-four hour surveillance!”

This was such an exaggeration that Betty couldn’t help herself – she sniggered. She tried to turn it into a cough but Michael was not deceived.

"So it’s funny, is it? Putting your new husband through hell? Let’s see how funny you think this is.”

He got up from his chair and pulled her roughly to her feet. He spun her round by her shoulders, peeled off the towel, and dropped it on the floor. Then he flung her face down across the bed.

She heard the sound of leather slithering past denim. Oh no, not the belt. He had only used his belt on her a handful of times before and it had always hurt like hell. She tried to turn round to re-open the dialogue but he wasn’t interested.

"Face down,” he snapped. “Put a pillow under you; I want your backside well presented.”

She did as she was told, reaching for a pillow and sliding it under her hips so that her buttocks were raised, ready for her punishment.

He let her lie like that for a few moments, increasing the suspense. She heard him doubling the belt. It was a broad leather belt, flexible from much wearing, and ideal for the job, she supposed.

He lifted the belt and brought it down, fast, onto her bare bottom. The stroke was well aimed because it crossed both buttocks right on the apex of the curve. Michael was an accomplished spanker, she had to admit, but right now she wished he wasn’t.

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