How the O-Bay Club began

The O-Bay Club is a bastion of male solidarity which metes out public corporal punishment to women with the intention of enforcing obedience. Members bring their wives to the meetings to have their faults read out and their bare bottoms spanked before the assembly.

In my new novel ‘Measure of Control', I explore the Club’s origins in the 1950’s when it was called ‘The Club to Promote the Obedience of Wives’. Its founder members are two ordinary middle-class husbands, neither of them particularly cruel or domineering. They form the Club with the involvement of their wives who see it as a safeguard against the unbridled tyranny of the individual husband punishing his wife in private.

So there’s a serious side to the spectator sport practised at the O-Bay Club. It can be sold to women as a ‘safeguard’ – a bit spurious, of course, because like so many things it’s really about men having fun.

The aspect which has kept it going all these decades is enjoyment - and not just the male side of the fence. A few women actually LIKE being spanked in public. Can you believe that? In a collection of stories which I’m writing now, I’ll explore the tales of a few individual women apart from Betty.

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Measure Of Control can be purchased from Amazon for just $1.50.

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