The O-Bay Club

The O-Bay Club is modelled on secret male societies except that in this case the women go along - or are taken along - to have their behaviour modified by shameful public spankings. These can be administered by the husband who is putting them forward for punishment, or by a volunteer following the husband's directive. Each spanking is preceded by a publice announcement of the faults which are being corrected. It's a well-organised society with different levels of membership and the women also have their own informal social gathering after they've undergone the ordeal. Betty's is just one of the stories which is told at the O-Bay Club.

Sample text

The spanking Betty received from Michael on that first visit to the O-Bay Club was in the end neither harsher nor less harsh than the many spankings he had given her for disobedience or insolence. He had rolled up the sleeve of his spanking arm – she knew the sound well – but then he often did that as a prelude to the job-at-hand, as he saw it, of disciplining her. The difference was that the spanking was delivered on buttocks which had already been striped with a ruler, and that it was about as public as it could possibly have been.

As she bounced up and down on his knees in time to the slaps landing on her behind, she caught a glimpse of the Club Secretary leaning over his lectern. He looked stern but at the same time oddly joyful. Ostensibly he was looking out for the Club’s interests by making sure that someone who had tried to evade its clutches was thoroughly dealt with, but Betty also wondered if he was enjoying the spectacle of a pert bottom being so thoroughly chastised.

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