The Awakening

This is a story about people having fun. It was great fun to write! I included a bit of everything - the young woman discovering herself, the vanilla boyfriend, the outgoing bisexual girlfriend, the hunk, and finally the hosts of a very special private party who offer parkland in which action can take place 'al fresco'. There's plenty of erotic spanking and also a lot of love-making, chasing, undress and general hanky-panky.

Sample text

Helen looked at him askance. “But, before we do that, there’s a little matter of the fact that I lost the race therefore I get the smacked bottom.”

Come here then,” Paul said casually.

What kind of punishment do you call that? Your lady love has got you here, taken her clothes off in public, made you freeze your bollocks off in an ice cold stream and lost the race, to boot. She deserves a proper punishment

Paul looked puzzled.

In that polythene bag,” Helen directed.

What’s this?” Paul asked, pulling out the paddle and gawping at it open-mouthed.

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