Spanking it out of me

I don’t really know if it’s the same for men, or even for most other women, whether it’s hormones generally or PMT or what, but I do know that there are times when I feel like my whole being is flying off at different tangents. I’m out of control, in an irrational bad temper. It feels like I’m looking for something to attach my raggedness to, and I’m not even fussy what it is. It’s quite likely to be something my partner has or hasn’t done, and my reaction will be totally out of proportion. I want to hurt him because in doing so I’m hurting myself back and giving myself a chance to snap out of it, like slapping myself in the face.


For me at any rate a spanking is the best answer. Just the threat of one sobers me immediately and even makes me smile! Can you believe it? I can instantly see the funny side of things and I even look forward to being subdued and having my bare bottom reddened.

My partner’s just about cottoned on. It’s a punishment spanking that I get although I don’t consider I’ve done anything terribly wrong. I don’t mean to get like this and I’ve honestly tried to control myself.

Maybe I should ask for a spanking. Maybe I should present myself, paddle in hand, pull down my own panties …

If I was able to do that, wouldn’t I have been able to stop myself in the first place?