The re-magnetizing spanking

I have a way of explaining the way a woman feels when she’s alongside a strong man whom she respects and obeys. She feels magnetized. Instead of her electrons all jangling together and jerking different ways, they’ve been made to go in one direction by the magnetic force of her man.

It isn’t as stupid as it sounds. A ‘magnetized’ (or if you prefer ‘polarized’) woman has better posture, more poise, more energy, and improved health. In my opinion.

So what is the procedure if something happens to de-magnetize her? If she becomes cranky, for example, or a third party intervenes? What is the equivalent of being stroked down by the original magnet? A spanking, of course.

Again in my opinion, a re-magnetizing spanking doesn’t necessarily need to be a painful or even a humiliating affair. It’s the process whereby the man reasserts his authority over his woman and gets her in tune with him again.

By extension, I would say that it’s perfectly acceptable for a re-magnetizing spanking to be enjoyable for the woman, provided she’s given the clear impression that her man is stronger, is in charge, and would take the spanking to a different level if she didn’t comply.

Nothing other than a spanking is really suitable because the woman’s buttocks are the only part of her body that can receive with pleasure the necessary degree of force. Her bottom must be bare, likewise, to make her vulnerable and create an intimate connection.

At the end of such a spanking, a woman’s love and respect for her man should be renewed. She should have the ‘aligned’ feeling that comes from being in harmony with him and, at the same time, herself.