The Training of Betty series 4 - 6 plus His Word is Law

In this compendium, the second in the Training of Betty series, Betty at last marries her disciplinarian boyfriend Michael ('Cherish and Obey'). If anything, he now becomes more exacting, sharing her disciplinary needs with a spanking mentor ('Betty's Mentor') and subjecting her to the tyrannical illtemper of his aunt who joins in her disciplining ('Betty's Humiliation'). Included in the compendium is the first in the Ruling of Bess series, which relates how Raoul, Lord of the Castle, captures his wife Bess and endeavours, through the spankings which are customary among his people, to train her in his ways.

Summary of contents

  • Cherish & Obey
  • Betty's Mentor
  • Betty's Humiliation
  • His Word Is Law

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