Two's Company

Two's Company is the second book in the Training of Betty series and sees Betty making friends with another spanked girlfriend, Jenny. Jenny's boyfriend Jake is rather more of an exhibitionist than Michael. He has a Punishment Room in his house where there is a video camera ready set up to record spankings in progress. Michael is only too glad to avail himself of these facilities and the two men combine forces to punish the curiosity and cheekiness of their respective girls. They build up to a glorious joint bare-bottom OTK spanking of them in a train, where they make no attempt to prevent the spectacle from being public. In fact, they have an ingenious further humiliation for the ladies to undergo once their main spanking is over ...

Sample text

The noise that the spanking was making in the compartment – slaps and grunts from the men, moans and whimpers from the women – had obscured all other noises. Suddenly a pair of trousered legs moved across Betty’s field of vision. She jerked her head up in alarm. What she saw made her face turn as red as her buttocks now were: a portly middle-aged man was looking straight into their compartment and his eyes were nearly popping out of his head with delight.