Self-spanking - enhancing the experience

Whenever people talk about self-spanking, it always seems to be about techniques, instruments and positions, but never about the thoughts and emotions that go into it.

I’ve got a good answer for why this might be. Self-spanking is so arduous – you are, after all, playing both parts in an energetic drama – that there’s nothing left after trying to create the necessary sensation.

But is it enough, just the sensation? Couldn’t there be more?

Masturbation (which can happen concurrently with self-spanking, of course) often involves fantasy, internal dialogue, telling oneself a story – whatever you want to call it, and a conventional spanking where two people are present inevitably entails interaction. Both of these scenarios are complex, and certainly a good deal more than creating warmth, a tingle, a sting or pain as appropriate.

In self-spanking  the person is laboring at a mechanical disadvantage and often struggles just to provide the minimum stimulus. Overcome that, and a range of fantasy scenarios become possible.

The most obvious – and this can be a reality in the case of mentoring at a distance – is that the auto-spanker is acting out a punishment imposed in advance. They’ve been ‘sentenced’ and are obliged to submit themselves to the full quota of strokes on their bare bottom.

Alternatively the emotion firing the self-spanking could be a sort of daring. It’s a naughty act that if discovered, could result in a painful trip over an imaginary lover’s knee for having usurped his or her rightful role.

An advanced auto-spanker might live the punishment as if it were genuinely being administered by another party. I can envisage dialogue in different voices; threats, scolding, cries of fear and squeals of protest; a whole rich experience ready-made on demand.

It certainly shouldn’t be necessary for a self-spanking, whether arising out of choice or necessity, to be just a difficult mechanical exercise. I’m not saying it’s going to be a satisfactory substitute for being an entirely passive participant, but it ought to have the potential for further dimensions of fun and fantasy.