First Taste by Misty Wells

First Taste by Misty Wells

Recommending 'First Taste' by Misty Wells

I'd like to recommend this steamingly sexy story which has been written by new author, Misty Wells. It has some hot spanking ...

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Mia is exasperated with Luna on two counts: one because she finds her attractive, and the other because she appears to be flirting with Rafe, the long-term male friend with whom Mia runs an artists’ agency.
Despite being their employee, Luna decidedly has the upper hand when she whips Mia into a sexual frenzy and brings her to the most dramatic climax of her life so far.

But all is not as it seems. During their intimate moments, Luna has extracted a promise from Mia to speak to Rafe about her sexual fantasies. When she does so, she discovers that the gentle, mild-mannered man she thought she knew possesses the dominant nature to perfectly match her submissive one. In their first session he demonstrates what she will face each time she displeases him.