Portrait of Deborah, wife of Jude

This is the second in a series of portraits of women involved with the O-Bay Club.

My intention is to gather together a few of these portraits, and then ask my readers to vote on whose story they would most like to hear.

I will then respond.

What we know about Deborah

Her well-groomed composure when she receives Betty

Deborah was as elegant as her house. She was what Betty’s mother would have called ‘soigné’. Her rich chestnut-coloured hair was swept back into a French pleat and she wore a silk dress with sage-green and white stripes. When Betty was seated in a wicker armchair on the patio, she offered her a choice of lemon tea or white wine.

Her obligations, going to the O-Bay Club to watch Jude spanking other women

“I have to go along for the privilege of watching him. It is actually a privilege, because when it’s happening to someone else, it isn’t happening to me.”

Her philosophy

“There’s one piece of general advice I can give you: always think you deserve your punishment. Even if right up to the last minute you’re protesting inside, once you’re over the man’s knee and he’s started to belabour your bottom, consider he’s right to do so. It hurts less that way.

Her helpfulness, risking her own skin

“I asked him to go a bit easy on you,” Deborah confided. “But he does what he thinks fit and doesn’t pay much attention to me. In fact he said if I didn’t mind my own business I’d get a first-hand taste of what he’s planning.”

Her own experiences

"He’s nothing if not inventive,” said Deborah. “I don’t much like being spanked, but he’s never done it the same way twice and it certainly adds spice to the whole discipline thing.”

Excerpts from Betty's Mentor.