Six Sentence Sunday - 'His word is law' - 26-08-12

Raoul, Lord of the Castle, is very fond of his young wife, Bess, but she has defied him and is still defying him. The punishment she receives now must defeat her rebellious spirit once and for all.

Raoul watched her. He had a look of sorrow on his face as if he wished things could be different, but when she had eaten and drunk everything and wiped her mouth, he turned her over on her front on the bed, lifted up the tunic, passed his left arm under her hips so as to raise her bottom, and began to spank her.

He had spanked Bess in punishment the night when she was wearing the poppy red dress, and he had whipped her with his belt. But tonight it was if he was setting about his life’s labours. He raised his hand high and he brought it down flat on her buttocks, this way and that, till the whole area between where her back ended and her legs began was first pink then crimson. Sometimes the slaps came in quick succession and sometimes they were slow and measured.