Taste of Possession by Misty Wells

Taste of Possession by Misty Wells

Recommending 'Taste of Possession' by Misty Wells

This is the sequel to Misty Wells' 'First Taste' and I think you'll find the sex just as steaming and the spankings just as hot ...

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Luna was the catalyst that brought about the mutual understanding between Mia and Rafe, but now Rafe has disappeared off somewhere by himself and Mia is devastated. Venting her frustration on Luna, she is subjected to Luna’s dominant nature and given a hard spanking before being bound, blindfolded and involved in mutual sexual gratification.

When Rafe suddenly reappears, Mia hastens to restore the dominant/submissive relationship which she holds so dear but finds that Rafe has a new toy. Before long she is fighting to keep control of her impulses in order to avoid being punished.