How To Succeed As A Webcam Model

Part 1. First impressions

Creating your account
If you are truly going to succeed as a webcam model, you will need to understand men and the way they think. They’re fairly simple creatures, really, and most of them run on little rails. For example, there are two main types of woman who generally have a lot of success with men.
If you doubt what I’m going to tell you now, take a back seat at any large party where lots of strangers are coming together. You’ll see I’m right.
By the way, there’s a lot to be said for learning how to observe people. As a webcam model, you will need to be able to read your clients even when you can’t observe them (probably just as well in many cases). An important skill is knowing which buttons to press and when; so your first bit of homework is to take every opportunity you can to watch real people (not Hollywood celluloid) in action.
It doesn’t matter how mundane this might be – everything from a bus queue to buying cheese at the deli is fair game.
The archetypal beauty queen with the big tits
No prizes for guessing this is one of the two successful stereotypes and, if that describes you, well good luck to you. You’re kitted out with what men crave and, with some judicious prick-teasing (but not too much) you should have them crying out for more.
Unfortunately, only a small proportion of women come into this category and, even if you do, how long will you stay in it? The times of sand runneth through the hour-glass and sooner or later you’ll be booted out of the beauty pageant.
The girl with the lovely smile
Unlike the natural time limit on what is classically deemed as being ‘beautiful’, there is no such statute of limitations on having a winning smile. Even the plainest of Janes can get men flocking around her well into her mature years if she’s chatty, gregarious and can flash a lovely smile. OK, having good tits helps, too, granted, but the smile is the most important part.
I’d even go so far as to say that smiling is more important than beauty. A lot of the men who frequent webcam models do so because they perceive their wives or girlfriends to be miserable bitches. It doesn’t actually matter whether they are or not; that’s how their men perceive them. They’ll choose a happy and cheerful webcam girl because she makes them feel good, and unlike going with a prostitute (for example), they can reassure themselves that they’re not being unfaithful.
So, why have I put this in here rather than later in the booklet? Simple – because you have got to get together a portfolio which will impress the webcam agency. If they take you on, you’ve next got to produce publicity material with which to tempt your clients. Therefore, it’s time to work on that smile and make sure that you come over as a friendly, outgoing girl who will quickly put her clients at ease and send them away feeling good about themselves.
Your ultimate goal is to be able to convey to each visitor (and bear in mind you’ll be looking to appeal to a large audience) that you are exclusively theirs and that you love being with them and doing the naughty things which they suggest you do. If you grumpily and robotically go through the motions then you will soon find yourself devoid of clients and facing a cancelled contract with the agency.
So, smile for the camera, please!!!
Make sure that the wrapping on the parcel suggests the goodies inside
If you were giving a Christmas or Birthday present to a child, you would take pains to wrap it up nicely, wouldn’t you? If not, what’s wrong with just giving them their prezzie in a supermarket polythene bag?
Think also about a bunch of kids let loose in a sweetshop. What’s the betting that the sweets with the fancy wrappers would go first?
Men are like kids. They want to be told that their chosen ‘hot date’ is a sensuous and appealing creature who would make other men stop and rub their eyes. As a consequence, if all they see is someone in a tee-shirt and jeans (for example), it’s hardly going to entice them into parting with cash – not when there are other girls wearing leopard-skin bikinis, super-tight thongs, outfits with plunging necklines, stockings and suspenders, schoolgirl or nurse uniforms and so on.
These other girls are offering chilled champagne in fluted glasses and you’re providing orange squash in a chipped mug. There’s no competition, is there?
This is your first (and possibly your last) contact with a client therefore your photographs need to flatter and tempt. As a result, some of the factors which need to be taken into consideration include:
  • Lighting – not too harsh, and natural light is always better.
  • Setting – mustn’t distract by being ‘busy’. Use sheets to mask off such areas.
  • Make-up – you need to look your ‘wedding day’ best.
  • Composition – understand how ‘action’ photos work, where the eyes should be looking, what props you should have with you etc.
  • Resolution – photographs should be of the highest resolution (e.g. 10 Megapixel plus).
Making a success of the photographs is a tall order for an amateur photographer and it may well be worth investing in the services of a professional photographer for an hour or two.
The photographs should not be just ‘record’ photos of you, either. They are your advertising billboards and, in a similar manner, there needs to be some kind of message being conveyed. That message may be in writing such as:
  • You pulling on stockings with text saying, “I’m getting dressed up. Where would you like to go?”
  • You surrounded by dildos, vibrators, spanking gear etc with text saying, “I’ve been a naughty girl and I’d like to tell you all about it.”
  • You in a schoolgirl’s outfit with the text “I’m sorry my homework was late. Please don’t punish me – too much.”
… and so on.
Now, compare that with some domestic snapshots – “This is me on holiday in Benidorm”, “Here’s me buying a floppy hat”, “This is one of me bringing in the Christmas dinner”. They may be very ‘cosy’ but they aren’t sexy and they won’t get you customers.
It really pays to get these publicity pictures right and it’s not worth sparing expense over them. The same applies if you are recording a video, something which many amateurs think that they can do but can’t in reality.
The label matters too
Besides the photographs and videos, you will also be required to describe yourself. Since you will need to fall back on this when dealing with customers, it’s really well worth investing some effort in perfecting it.
It’s particularly important when you consider that many of your ‘regulars’ will be men lacking in self-confidence to suggest their ideas and tastes to ‘real’ women. If you can encourage them to come to you, then unless you do something silly, you will probably keep them.
With that in mind, use some welcoming phrases such as how you’d really like to hear their ideas, or how you know how randy it’s going to make you.
You should also consider that, unless you are aiming at a very niche market, your customers are going to span a broad band of tastes. Consequently, making your pitch too specific is going to encourage some but discourage others. The best way to appeal to the maximum number of clients is to suggests that you’ll do (and enjoy doing, to boot) just about anything.
Phrases to use are:
“I love to experiment”
“I can’t wait to hear your fantasies”
“I’ve been a very naughty girl”
… and so on.
If you follow the advice in this section, you will now be registered with a good agency and be attracting the maximum number of customers. It’s now the moment to start converting them into cash.