Portrait of Bernard's wife

This is the fourth in a series of portraits of women involved with the O-Bay Club.

My intention is to gather together a few of these portraits, and then ask my readers to vote on whose story they would most like to hear.

I will then respond.

What we know relating to Bernard's wife

Bernard's physical appearance

Bernard … was like a slightly shabbier version of Michael himself, clean-shaven and with a shock of dark hair, but unlike Michael his wrists were hairy where they peeped out of his cuffs and his eyes were brown while Michael’s were grey.


Bernard's attitude towards the O-Bay Club

“It must be terrifying for a woman.”

Bernard’s dark eyes raked her horrified face. “I dare say it is,” he said brutally. “But then she learns to obey.”

Betty's best guess as to why Bernard and his wife are absent

She couldn’t see Bernard and she guessed that maybe his wife had managed to obey him just lately. If his hairy arms and thick wrists were anything to go by, she was probably used to a pretty strenuous sort of punishment, which perhaps didn’t need to be applied very often.


Excerpts from 'The O-Bay Club'