Portrait of Jenny

This is the last in a series of portraits of women involved with the O-Bay Club.

I've now gathered together 6 of these portraits, and next time I will ask my readers to vote on whose story they would most like to hear.

I will then respond.

What we know about Jenny

Her appearance

Jenny had henna-died hair pulled up into a rather messy bundle, bright red lips, lashings of mascara, and a very short denim skirt. She looked like a tart, Betty thought viciously.

Excerpt from 'Two's Company'

The reason she's been taken to the O-Bay Club

The Secretary read out her crimes in his standard way:
“On the first count you have been persistently lazy when your husband was absent, getting out of bed late in the morning.
On the second count you bought a pair of suede boots when your husband had expressly forbidden the purchase and you refused to take them back so that your husband was forced to do it.”

Her punishment at the O-Bay Club

Jake’s spanking of Jenny was energetic and noisy. Betty knew from Michael that he was the drummer in an amateur band, and he did indeed seem to be treating his wife’s bottom like a percussion instrument out of which he was endeavouring to get the loudest possible sound. He shifted her buttocks relative to the swing of his right arm so as to achieve maximum resonance in a hail of slaps, and then he paused dramatically in his punishing of her to see if she had anything to say.

Excerpts from 'The O-Bay Club'

Her ongoing relationship with Betty

Jenny had been her matron of honour. She hadn’t been married to Jake very long – less than a year – and was still as giddy and irresponsible as a single woman when let loose with other women. It was she who had organised their disastrous Hen Night.

Excerpt from 'Cherish and obey'