Portrait of the tall blonde woman spanked by Jude

This is the third in a series of portraits of women involved with the O-Bay Club.

My intention is to gather together a few of these portraits, and then ask my readers to vote on whose story they would most like to hear.

I will then respond.

What we know about the tall blonde woman

Her first appearance in the O-Bay Club

There was movement about half way up one of the banks of seats and a woman stood up. She was tall and blonde with a tanned face. She was the sort of woman who at first glance seems to be barely over thirty, but who on closer acquaintance reveals herself as being well over forty. Her hair was done up in a bun but she removed the comb in a dramatic gesture of submission – except that she hardly looked submissive. Then she walked swiftly and gracefully down the steps between the seats to the foot of the podium.

Her crimes

"On the first count you have refused to satisfy your husband’s needs.
"On the second count, on Thursday evening you flew into a rage and tipped a glass of wine into your husband’s lap.
"On the third count you were today found trying to book a holiday without your husband’s consent.”

Her defiance while being punished by Jude (the 'seventeenth-century man')

The man doubled the belt and held it ready.
“I’ll give you a chance to show contrition now, before the first stroke, and then before each further stroke,” he advised the blonde woman.
"Fuck you!” she said, so loudly that even from her compromised position the words rang out in the assembly room.

Her defeat

The woman had proudly withstood everything, including the severe strokes of the belt, until that final hand spanking. This made her break down. When her punisher set her back on her feet, she stood rubbing her bottom and sobbing like a small child with the whole gathering looking on.

Her recovery

“Just as well you don’t have time to sit down,” another woman said loudly so as to make everyone laugh. It was the tall blonde woman who had been spanked over the knee of the seventeenth-century man.

Excerpts from 'The O-Bay Club'