Portrait of the woman who comforts Betty after her public spanking

This is the fifth in a series of portraits of women involved with the O-Bay Club.

My intention is to gather together a few of these portraits, and then ask my readers to vote on whose story they would most like to hear.

I will then respond.

What we know about the woman who comforts Betty

How she was punished and her preliminary advice to Betty

One of the older women, whom she had seen bent over by a volunteer for a spanking with the bristle side of a hairbrush, said sympathetically:
“Take your knickers down and get some air onto your bottom; you’ll find it helps.”

Her respect for the O-Bay Club

There are a lot of men here who like seeing a pretty white bum reddened. But that’s not the purpose of the Club. It’s actually quite a serious and well-organised Club, founded with the intention of keeping wives of all ages under control. It’s not nice been spanked in public, so it’s a wonderful threat for a husband to use.

Her warning to Betty when she confesses she tried to run away

But if you’d got away properly – onto the road, say, or, God forbid, you’d actually made it home, they’d have made more than an example of you. They’d have made a spectacle. Don’t ask me exactly what they would have done but it would have been more than you got. In fact you got off lightly, by the sound of it.

Her ministrations to Betty

“... that backside of yours does look pretty sore.” The older woman examined Betty’s behind. “Would you like some cream on it?” she offered.
“Thank you,” Betty said, proffering her rear.
The other woman dug her fingers into a large tub of a very white cream and smeared it over Betty’s buttocks then rubbed it in.

Excerpts from 'The O-Bay Club'