Six Sentence Sunday - 'His word is law' - 09-09-12

Raoul, Lord of the Castle, is just finishing the spanking of his young wife, Bess, as punishment for her defiance. He is holding her prisoner until she complies with his request of hemming some napkins.

After a while she began to whimper. After the whimpering came moaning, then howling, and finally loud, heartfelt sobbing. At no point did she beg him to stop. She knew she deserved her spanking and she was determined to suffer it to the end.

Raoul delivered the last mammoth slap to both buttocks together, and then he withdrew his supporting arm and left Bess crying into the bedding. He dropped the tunic over her nakedness, put the cup and plate in the sewing basket and went away with it, locking her in as before.