Six Sentence Sunday - 'His word is law' - 16-09-12

Bess has just been spanked by Raoul, her husband and Lord of the Castle, for rebelliously refusing to hem some napkins. She tore the last lot to shreds but he is now giving her another chance.

Bess slept that night on her front. She missed Raoul’s presence and his comforting hands on her body, even though it had been those hands which had inflicted the pain she was feeling now. In fact her bottom was so sore that she had difficulty using the china basin which had been provided for her relief.

Next morning, just as before, Raoul brought her food and a basket of sewing things. As he placed the basket down beside her he said:

“Think carefully what you do if you wish to keep the skin on your buttocks.”

When he’d gone, Bess pulled herself on her front to look into the basket.