Six Sentence Sunday - 'His word is law' - 23-09-12

Bess discovers that Raoul, her husband and Lord of the Castle, has given her a helping hand in the task he set her as a test of her obedience. Not only does it make it easier for her, but it also demonstrates that he is prepared to 'give' a little. She will comply with his wishes rather than incurring a worse thrashing for further disobedience.

The usual napkins lay in a pile, but this time there was something different about them. The hems had already been formed, with two tucks, and were held in place with great clumsy stitches in bright scarlet thread. It looked like a man’s work. Could it be that Raoul had spent part of the night in making her work easier for her?

She broke her fast and then she pushed the bed towards the window. She cut off a piece of white thread and with great difficulty threaded the needle.