Six Sentence Sunday - 'His word is law' - 30-09-12

Bess is sewing and thereby complying with the wishes of Raoul, her husband and Lord of the castle. She reminisces about how he seized her for his bride, and reflects that it was not then but in this latest battle of wills that the bond between them was established. He and only he is able to command her respect as her lord and master.
As she sang and sewed and began to enjoy herself, it occurred to her that Raoul’s true catching and subduing of her had not been when he caught her up on his horse in the meadow and paid for her with gold. It was this latest time, when she had run away from his strict regime, and he had caught her, thrashed her, imprisoned her and now, with his clumsy red stitches, won her over.
Bess knew that she needed a strong hand. The young men of her village had lusted after her but she had always run from them, and hid if necessary. Some of them could have subdued her by force, but a wife needed to be brought to obedience through respect rather than fear. She would rather have died than be brought under the will of a man whom she despised.