Taste For Danger

Mia’s keys clattered onto the coffee table. “What the fuck was that?”
“Don’t ask me.” Rafe shrugged off his coat, unceremoniously dumping it in the corner of the room. “The worst three hours of our lives, maybe?”
“Definitely the most awkward. How could they destroy Hamlet like that and actually charge people to witness it?”
“At least the drinks were free at the interval.” He sat down heavily, “I’d need it after all that ye olde English anyway, but especially when not one of those actors could even speak it properly. I don’t know how I’m going to keep a straight face when she comes in on Monday and asks what we thought.”
“You have to keep a straight face, Rafe.” Mia kicked off her shoes. “She pays us a lot to represent her and we need to eat.” She knelt on the floor beside him, resting her head on his knee.
It was moments like these where she almost wanted to laugh at the normality of it all now. When Rafe had first told her she would sit on the floor in his presence unless he told her otherwise, she’d found the rule hard to follow. Mostly, she’d merely forget, until a withering look from him had her scrambling into her expected position. At other times, she just didn’t feel like it and purposely defied him; at least, until he’d started handing out punishments for her insolence that she had no desire to continue to incur.
“Promise me we don’t have to go to any more of her awful plays,” she said, closing her eyes with a contented sigh as he pawed her hair with his fingers.
“I wish I could,” he said. “We’ll make an excuse next time. Mysterious illness, or something. Anyway…” He smiled down at her, patting the cushion beside him. “Come here.”
Mia climbed up onto the sofa, her ass barely touching it before Rafe pulled her towards him. He wasted no time in sliding his hands beneath her t-shirt, pressing his mouth forcefully up to hers. She grunted contentedly as he teased her nipples through her bra, stroking and pinching with his fingertips. She’d been waiting for this all night.
It had given her a thrill all evening to know that nobody was aware of their secret; that strangers would pass them on the street and not realise that every element of her being belonged to the man walking beside her. It was even more delicious when they were with friends or clients, to behave as normal whilst not one of them had the slightest inkling of the roles they would take on the minute they were home. She revelled in her shiver as Rafe pulled away and announced, “I’ve got plans for you.”
“Such as?” Mia gasped as her words were met with a smack on her ass.
“Ssh,” he said. “No talking unless I ask you a question.”
He pulled off his tie before helping her to her feet. She couldn’t hold back her grin as he covered her eyes with it, securing it at the back of her head. His hot breath tickled her neck as he whispered, “Don’t get too excited. This is going to be a very, very long night for you.” Mia bit back a whimper at his words. “It might even be fun. Well, for me, anyway.” He laughed, a short, guttural sound that made Mia shudder with arousal. “Are you going to be good for me?”
“Yes,” she whispered. Deprived of sight, every tiny touch on her body as he explored her with his hands seemed intensified, even through her clothes.
“You’d better be. In fact, if you’re very good…” He shoved his hand beneath the waistband of her jeans without warning, “you might even get a reward.”
Mia clung to Rafe as he led her in a direction she wasn’t sure of. She concentrated on her steps, careful not to trip over her own feet. She could never quite get used to walking around blindfolded, even though it was something Rafe subjected her to quite often these days; it instantly disoriented her, forcing her to trust him completely. He directed her to turn, and she felt her arm gently brushing a doorframe before they stopped.
Rafe continued to run his hands over her body, slowly undressing her as he went. Her nipples instantly hardened against the cool air as he removed her bra and paused to cup and fondle her breasts. “Mm. Do you know what I was thinking whilst we were wasting our lives in that theatre?”
She smiled. “No.”
“Would you like me to show you?”
She sighed, arching her back as he ran his fingertips over her nipples. “This?”
“Oh, no.” He trailed his hands down to her belly, fiddling with the button on her jeans. “Wait. You’ll see.”
He groaned appreciatively as he continued to reveal her body to himself, nibbling and kissing at her thighs as he eased her jeans down her legs. Mia listened to her escalating breaths, keeping still, trying to stifle her need. She kept in mind her earlier promise to be good, staying quiet as she let him caress and admire her as he pleased.
It was only when he laid her on the bed and she inhaled that unmistakable scent that she realised they were in Rafe’s room. She sighed, waiting; listening to guess his next move. She grinned to herself as she heard the unmistakable opening of his box, the one she had come to associate with both delicious torture and heights of pleasure she never thought possible. He’d already taught her so much.
She obeyed instantly when he ordered her to put her hands above her head. She licked her lips at the brush of rope against her wrists, Rafe’s skilled hands quickly fastening them to the headboard. “Too tight?” he asked.
Mia could almost hear his smirk as he tightened her bonds. “How about now?”
The extra burn was strangely pleasant. She shook her head.
Her ankles were next. She whimpered, helplessly aroused by her total vulnerability as he tied each of her legs to a corner of his bed, spreading her wide open for him. “Much better,” he said. “I like you like this.”
She heard the rustle as he removed his clothes, wishing she could gaze hungrily at the body she loved. Her ears were beginning to take over as she gave in to her lack of sight, and she listened out to plot his movements. She could hear the little clunk of items being placed on the beside table, and struggled to peek out from beneath Rafe’s tie to see what they might be. It was futile; her world was all darkness until he decided otherwise.
She heard the snap of a bottle opening, trying to slow her racing mind as Rafe’s palms came down on her sensitised body again, this time slathered in oil. She moaned in delight as he began to caress her slowly with it, starting at her thighs. She arched her back into his touch, relishing the tug of the rope around her ankles.
His voice was tender as he said, “See? I’m not always mean.” She purred, writhing on the mattress. “Still… you wouldn’t want me to be nice all the time, would you?”
“No.” She smiled. “I could get used to this, though.”
He laughed quietly. “I bet you could. Now listen: I need you to keep still. It’ll be good practice for what I’ve planned for you.”
A slap on her flank made her gasp. “What did I say? No talking unless I ask you a question.” To her relief, he quickly returned to his task, moving upwards to smear the oil over her breasts. She moaned as he brushed her nipples, removing the last trace of any coherent thought. What did he mean, “practice?”
“Don’t you get comfy, though,” he said. “I’m not getting soft on you.” He tweaked her nipples between his fingers. When she didn’t respond, all but lost in her own head, he squeezed again, harder, eliciting a little cry of pain. “Who owns your body?”
“You do,” Mia said, without a beat.
“That’s right.” His hands trailed further upwards, coating her torso with the oil. “You’re all mine. My little toy…” Mia’s breaths trembled as his hands roamed all the way down to her thighs, coating them too. The thought that he was so close to her open cunt made her shudder with desire, whining pathetically. “Hey,” he scolded, “patience. Besides, if you have to wait…” He squeezed her thighs. “It’ll be so much sweeter, won’t it?”
“Yes,” Mia agreed. She’d learned that it was best to admit defeat.
“Besides.” She heard him stepping back. “It’s good for you.” More footsteps. Mia swallowed her protests, willing every muscle in her body to keep still for him. “The slow torture… it’s all a lesson in self control. Something I still feel you’re lacking.”
She heard a click, then the hiss of Rafe’s lighter, and almost cried out in delight as she realised the true purpose of the oil; Rafe’s gentle massage had one hell of an ulterior motive. “Don’t move an inch,” he said.
She’d asked him ages ago for this. As usual, he’d spent weeks teasing her with the possibility, yet never following through until she’d given up hope. As the first splash of wax hit her skin, just above her breast, she sighed with joy. Her only thought before the flow of droplets became constant was how cruel Rafe had been to deprive her of the sight of her body as a canvas for him to stain and decorate as he pleased.
She struggled not to writhe beneath the steady dripping over her chest, moaning happily. “I’ve had these for a while,” Rafe said softly. “I’d have done this a long time ago if I’d known I’d get this reaction out of you.” She could hear the elevation in his breaths, sense the heightening of his arousal whilst he watched her. She gasped when it landed on the tender skin of her nipple, the initial burn fading to a gentle scathing and then a mere tingle. It was breathtaking. “You’re really enjoying yourself, aren’t you?”
“Thank you, Rafe.” She gave a shuddery moan of joy.
“Just look how wet you are,” he purred. She groaned as the wax kept trickling, meeting the oil on her skin. “Oh, right.” He laughed teasingly. “You can’t. Would you like to taste instead?”