The Awakening

The glare of the neon light strip above her head only served to amplify her already splitting headache. She raised a limp hand to shield her eyes but neither her faint movement nor the flimsy nightie that she appeared to be wearing seemed to be of much use in protecting her from the beam’s intensity.
“Don’t worry, everything’s going to be alright,” came a reassuring mature female voice from a great way off.
The blinding light then miraculously seemed to dim and once again she drifted off into a world in which she was running gleefully through fields and woodland, unencumbered by clothing which she’d cast off as soon as it had become wet from the morning dew. From a little way behind her, she could here a powerful masculine voice summoning her back and threatening the most dreadful corporal punishments should she refuse.
Throwing back her auburn hair in disdain at his dire warnings, she laughed coarsely over her shoulders, and sped on through the early spring meadow, leaping over small hillocks and relishing the wind’s caress on her naked body.
Despite her efforts, she knew the man was catching her but it didn’t seem to matter. She also knew that she’d been an extremely bad girl and was in for real trouble when he …
“Helen, it’s me, Paul. Are you awake?” A strange, but concerned sounding male voice came at her from out of the ether, dragging her back from whatever uncertain but nevertheless delicious fate had been awaiting her. The same fate which had left her feeling damp and very randy. Dammit.
“Are you awake? I saw your eyes flicker so I wondered if you were coming ‘round.” It was the voice again. What did he say his name was? Paul, that was it.
“Yes, um. I think so, Paul.” She tried to focus but her eyes wouldn’t or couldn’t obey. It was like someone had smeared a jar of Vaseline over them.
“Don’t worry, honey. I’m just glad you’re OK.”
With a superhuman effort, Helen dragged herself up a little in the bed. There were tubes and other things sticking out of her and various devices making strange alien-like noises. Her visitor was in his late twenties, she would guess, average height, build and generally unremarkable apart from his sharp blue eyes which suggested a spark of intelligence lay behind them. He seemed genuinely concerned about her well-being.
“What’s happened?” The words came out of her mouth like she was spewing out tennis balls. Her tongue was swollen and she felt parched.
“You had an accident. Don’t worry, they say that you’re perfectly OK. They just need to keep you in for a bit of observation, that’s all.”
“What accident?” Helen stopped to gather some saliva. “Water. Please,” she croaked.
“You were hit by a motorbike when you were crossing the road downtown. I’m not sure what you were doing there – do you remember?” Paul filled a glass from the flask next to the bed and handed it to her.
Helen sipped some water. It was tepid and tasted vaguely ‘medicinal’, like the stuff you rinsed your mouth out with at the dentist. Still it was ‘wet’, a bit like she still was – a matter that she might well remedy once she was alone.
“I don’t remember anything.” She took another sip of the water and carefully put it down in silent disgust on the cabinet next to her bed.
“The doctors said this might happen but not to worry. You had a bit of a bang on the head – it’s only to be expected.”
“Am I OK?”
“They’ve done scans of you and a whole load of tests. I didn’t understand what they were telling me but it all sounded very OK – that’s all I know.”
“Don’t be offended, but what’s it to you?”
“What do you mean?” Paul looked troubled by the question.
“I mean, do we know each other?”
“We’re engaged and due to be married next year.”
This statement confounded Helen. The guy seemed genuine enough but how could she be sure? It wasn’t that she thought he was lying, she just didn’t know either way.
As she contemplated the veracity of her supposed fiancé’s claim, a black curtain suddenly descended on her and she slumped back into the bed and to her dream of being chased across fields. Her pursuer had fallen some way behind her so she stopped to moon him, slowly bending forward to touch her toes while making sure to keep her legs just sufficiently apart so as to show the wet cleft that lay at their apex.
There were excited comments from behind mixed with more threats of a good hard spanking.
Laughing carelessly, she ran on but he was gaining on her now. Not wanting to appear too obvious, she pretended to catch her foot on a molehill and fell to the ground.
“Got you now!” the man chasing her cried out, diving and catching one of her ankles.
“Don’t hurt me … please … don’t hurt me. I’ll be good in future,” she promised. There was a complete lack of conviction in her tone.
Quite rightly he wasn’t having any of it. “What do you call this shameless act of wantonness? You’ve left a trail of your clothes across the hillside and you’ve made me chase after you again.”
“I’m sorry. It just felt so good.”
“That’s no excuse. There are no excuses, you know that, don’t you?”
“Yes,” she whimpered. “But please don’t hurt me. I won’t do it again, I promise.”
“You said that before and you’ve still not learned your lesson. Maybe I should be a bit more,” he paused briefly, clearly relishing the words, “diligent in enforcing discipline this time.”
The man stood up, undid his belt and went to pull it out of his jeans.
“Not the belt. I did let you catch me this time, didn’t I?” Helen pleaded.
“Mmm,” he said, leaving the belt, “but don’t expect me to spare you on any other front, will you?”
Helen gave vent to a throaty groan as the man sat down in the grass beside her, slid his hand slowly but firmly up the inside of her thigh allowing his thumb to briefly caress her stiffening clitoris before then lifting her up and placing her face down across his lap. He splayed her legs out so that she could feel the warmth of the ground rising up to caress her exposed cunt. She didn’t put up any tangible resistance to his actions.
“You wouldn’t dare,” Helen taunted him.
“Wouldn’t I now? You are a right little hussy, did you know that?”
Helen moaned again. The anticipation was killing her. She tentatively peered over her shoulder to see what he was doing just in time to glimpse him raise his hand and spread his fingers wide. It briefly crossed her mind how, with a span like his, he could be a concert pianist. Then again he could be a lumberjack or …
His right hand came crashing down on her bare buttocks. The dew had made them wet so there was a slight splashing accompaniment to the main “THRAASSH”. The pain shot through her like a bolt of electricity, heightening all her sensations and awakening in her a deep carnal lust which she knew had to be satisfied, come what may.
All things in good time, though.
“Is that the best you can do?” she taunted him from over her shoulder.
“Don’t you worry. I’m just warming up,” he replied, taking off his tee-shirt to reveal a muscular chest and even harder biceps. Maybe she’d gone a bit too far but, in for a penny, in for a pound as they say.
“My bottom’s still cold.”
“Not for much longer.” He raised his hand again and this time it came crashing down much harder than before, leaving behind a bright red proof of his action on her buttocks.
“Ow!” Helen cried but the man wasn’t listening. He settled her down deeper into his lap and spanked her again.
“Please, stop, please. I’m sorry I’ve been so naughty.”
The man didn’t respond, he just raised his hand and brought it down sharply on her buttocks over and over again. She could feel the fire in them but that was nothing to the heat that was coming from elsewhere inside her. She felt so alive.
Time after time he thrashed her bottom with his hands. She could hear the exertion in his breathing but, try as she might with her wriggling, she could not free herself from his vice-like grip.
Eventually he stopped the punishment but left his hand on her burning bottom, his fingers carelessly draped down into the wet cleft below.
“Have you learned your lesson yet?” he asked sternly.
“Might have,” Helen teased, turning to face him. The bright morning sun was shining through his hair casting his face into darkness and meaning that, try as she might, she still couldn’t see his features. Despite the bright sunshine she was very aware of the heat being radiated by her buttocks. “Is my bum red?”
“No more than should be expected. You’ve been very bad and that’s what happens to bad girls.”
“If you think that’s bad, you’ve really seen nothing yet,” Helen spoke the words carefully and deliberately as she slowly rolled off his knee and over onto her knees and elbows facing the man. Her hands reached out to undo the top button of his jeans. It was a bit stiff and clumsy but Helen noticed that he moved slightly to help her.
Once this was done, she then carefully and slowly unzipped his fly all the while looking sassily up towards his eyes. As she put her hands down into his underpants, she instantly encountered his prick – it was ramrod stiff and burning hot.
“Seems I’m not the only one who’s been bad,” Helen laughed. “Who’s a naughty boy then?” she asked, squeezing his dick with a force that she was afraid might hurt him but, in fact, only made him groan with passion.
“Get these off now and lie on your back!” Helen commanded. It was her turn to be in the driving seat now.
“No-ugghhh” he started to protest but Helen squeezed his cock again and she could feel his power pass to her. She let go. “Get ‘em off, now!” she ordered.
He quickly pulled down his jeans but not his underpants. He looked at her defiantly.
Although he tried to dodge her hands, Helen grabbed the elastic of his underpants and, being careful not to catch his erect prick, yanked them forward and down to his knees. “That’s better,” she said, satisfied with her work. “Now lie down!”
He obliged without further ado and sprawled out on the grass with his hands behind his head.
Helen casually tossed his clothes out of the way. “You won’t be needing these for a while,” she goaded him. Snatching up a handful of dry grass, she began rubbing his chest with it from his neck downwards while gazing into his eyes. From his cock’s continuing stiffness, it was very clear that her strategy was working.
Eventually he tried to grab her neck and pull her down onto his face but she laughed and jerked aside, just out of his reach. He tried again and again but, on the fourth time, she let him catch her.
Their lips met with a spark of energy before opened up to each other’s probing tongues. He had a fresh tang to his mouth – it was almost how she imagined the countryside would taste if it had a flavour.
With her left hand, she reached down his belly to grasp his cock again only this time she massaged it gently between her first finger and thumb, just lightly touching the head. She felt him spasm slightly underneath her. Meanwhile, his other hand had come out from behind his head and it was wriggling its way between her pert but very full breasts and their rock-hard nipples down towards her pussy which was just out of his reach. She let him strain for a moment before adjusting herself slightly so that he could get his fingers inside her.
With the amount of lubrication that she was generating, he had no trouble in inserting a first and then a second finger while his thumb played lazy games with her clit. She knew that it wouldn’t take too much of that before she came and that was a treat she was holding back on – just for the moment, of course. With that in mind, she reluctantly slid back out of his reach.
Leaving his mouth, she slid down his body kissing his chest with its light sprinkling of hair, then his navel and finally she took his cock into her mouth. He groaned again as she began with a light nibbling of its head and then louder and throatier as she went down deeper on him. He tasted vaguely salty but with a pleasant whiff of deodorant.
As she sucked, Helen presented her ass to him. It had cooled down considerably since its earlier thrashing and she was keen to get reacquainted with some old-fashioned discipline once again. After all, if this wasn’t being naughty, what was?
He sensed her desire and brought the flat of his hand down on her upraised and very bare buttocks. She nibbled the end of his cock in pleasure.
Feeling him becoming in danger of getting too aroused, she climbed off him by straddling his face and thus showing him a full-on view of her wet pussy and protruding clit.
“Now it’s my turn,” she said gleefully. “I want you to suck my tits while I teach you what happens to little boys with stiffies.” Helen grabbed his cock with her right hand and yanked it mischievously as she said the words. He instantly obeyed.
Once he’d clamped his lips around one of her rigid nipples and was sucking and licking it, she folded up his leather belt and brought it firmly down across his ass.
“Oww!!!” he cried out.
“I didn’t tell you to stop sucking my tit, did I?” Helen scolded.
“N-n-no,” he stuttered.
“Then keep sucking, you wicked boy,” another ‘thraaasssh’ from the belt. This time he accepted his punishment quietly. Helen noticed with some satisfaction that his dick was no less harder for her actions. Just as well for him, she decided. After she’d given him six of the best as they used to call it, she stopped.
“I want that inside me,” she ordered, grabbing his dick once again. “If you don’t put in me now I’ll want to know the reason why.”
“Your wish is my command,”
“Too damn right it is, now … fuck me … and hard.”
He pushed her down onto her back, flicked her legs apart and entered her without further comment or ado. Instantly she felt more complete, like a missing piece of a puzzle had suddenly and mysteriously appeared. However, the work was not finished, not yet.
She wriggled her hips and came up to meet his strokes, squeezing his cock deep into her cunt and satisfying an urge that came from somewhere within her very being. She could feel him holding himself back. Good boy. Time to help him, though.
“On your back. NOW!!!!” she commanded him.
Reluctantly, and with a slurping noise, he withdrew his cock from where it had been buried  within her pussy. He rolled off her and onto his back.
Before he’d had a chance to worry about losing his erection, Helen was on him, feeling his balls and stroking his cock. She climbed across him, then sat down, impaling herself on his still rock-hard dick. She sighed with pleasure at the sensation.
Now it was her turn to do the motion. Flexing and unflexing her hips she rode up and down his cock gradually increasing the tempo until both of them climaxed in a moment of bursting light-bulbs, bolts of lightning and sound of trumpets.
Just as he finished his tremors of orgasm, she squeezed him hard with her hip muscles.
“Wow, where did you learn to do that?” he asked.
“A girl’s got to have her little secrets, hasn’t she?” Helen smiled, “Don’t you think?”
“You might have had them a little bit, um, exposed this time, don’t you reckon?”
“Tell me that wasn’t one of the best fucks you’ve ever had,” she asked mischievously. “How about going for the very best? Are you up for Round Two?”
“Helen?” This time it was a female voice summoning her back. Bollocks, Helen thought, she was certainly feeling randy enough for another bout of serious screwing.
“Who is it?” Helen asked, still dazed.
“It’s me, Mel,” said the tall and very attractive blonde girl stood next to the bed. She was wearing a sheer white lacy blouse with a short summery skirt below. “Let me guess. You’re having problems remembering me. Paul told me about your amnesia.”
“Sorry,” Helen apologised somewhat guiltily. She’d barely got the words out when Mel had reached over the bed, kissed her full on the lips and poked her tongue cheekily into Helen’s mouth. Meanwhile Mel’s hand had darted under the sheets and was busy poking around inside Helen’s wet pussy.
NOW do you remember  me?” Mel asked. “My, you HAVE been having some good dreams, haven’t you? I shall want to hear all about those when I get you out of here.” In the meantime, she was working her fingers expertly in and out of Helen’s soaking pussy.
Helen didn’t know what to do. Was she really bisexual? She could only vaguely remember Mel but she was certainly enjoying what she was doing so it would be a pity to stop her. She spread her legs wide in anticipation.
A few seconds later, Helen groaned loudly with pleasure. It wasn’t the best come ever but it was pretty damned good and very necessary, so she told herself, for her ultimate well-being. This time, when Mel kissed her, she put her arm around the back of the other girl’s head and kissed her back.
“I can’t wait to fuck you properly,” Mel whispered in her ears. The prospect no longer seemed quite so shocking as it might have done ten minutes earlier and she was, indeed, beginning to get some recollection of their relationship. “Trouble is, I’m now feeling as randy as hell.”
“There’s nobody about and, anyway, what are they going to do about it?”
“You’re right shameless, aren’t you? Is that why I love you so much?”
“Well, are you going to do it?” Helen couldn’t believe what she was encouraging but the words just tumbled out.
“If you think it’s safe.”
“If someone comes in and they don’t want to see, I’ll tell them not to look.”
Mel sat back in the visitor’s chair, lifted up her skirt revealing a tight black thong underneath. She quickly slid it down over her knees and off onto the floor. Orientating herself so that Helen could see everything, she began stroking her clit and alternatively sliding a finger or two inside herself. Once Helen thought she heard someone coming but Mel was much too far gone, it would have been unutterably cruel to have stopped her.
Eventually Mel let out a feral groan as her eyes rolled back up into her head.
“Good, was it?” Helen asked when the moment was over.
“Ugghh. I needed that,” said Mel, retrieving her thong and chucking it back into her handbag. “I’ll give myself an airing on the way home – maybe I’ll let someone have a special treat, too!”
“You shave your pussy.”
“Yes, well, I usually get you to do it for me.”
“Really? Is there anything worthwhile knowing about myself that I do remember?”
“You remembered that OK. Don’t worry.”
Mel stayed on, explaining about Helen’s long-term relationship with Paul, her steady boyfriend of several lifetimes, about what a nice ‘safe’ bet he was and about how she and Helen had got chatting and found out that they shared several mutual interests including an ample helping of old-fashioned lust.
“Are we dykes, then?” Helen asked.
“Not unless you want to think of us that way.”
“How do you see us, then?”
“I like attractive sexy women as well as men with hard cocks who know what to do with them. So do you.” Helen looked a bit puzzled. “Look, we won’t end up getting married to each other, if you know what I mean, but I do hope we’ll carry on seeing each other for the occasional fuck.”
Neither girl had seen a young student nurse come into the room. She left hastily dropping her clipboard in the doorway on the way out. The two women laughed. “She could have joined in,” suggested Helen.
“Now I really know you’re on the mend. Let’s get you out of here.”