Two's Company

It was one of those occasions where you have to fit in with your partner’s choices. Michael had agreed to meet his friend Jake in their local Pub and so Betty had been dragged along too. She wasn’t sure how the two men knew each other: a more unlikely pair of friends it was difficult to imagine. Michael was well-dressed, neat and conventional-looking, while Jake had a loud shirt open a long way down his hairy chest, quite a lot of gold jewellery including an ear ring, and long wavy hair. He looked exciting while Michael looked boring. Betty knew Michael wasn’t boring, though, at least not in her book. Any man who could keep her under control could not possibly be boring.
So, while the two friends played several games of pool, Betty was thrown together with Jake’s girlfriend, Jenny. They sat at the bar, perched on high stools, nursing the small drinks that had been bought for them.

At first Betty wasn’t sure the two of them were going to get on. Jenny had henna-died hair pulled up into a rather messy bundle, bright red lips, lashings of mascara, and a very short denim skirt. She looked like a tart, Betty thought viciously. But another thought crossed her mind: how does she see me? Will she see past the sensible-length skirt and the discreet eye shadow to the rebellious spirit which I’m always trying to keep in check?

It was then that she noticed that Jenny was sitting on a cushion. She must have brought it in with her because there were no other cushions in evidence and it was hardly the norm on a bar stool. What could be the reason? Might it be what she thought it was?

Jenny interrupted her musings. “In case you’re wondering why I brought a cushion, I had a spanking just before we came here and it’s the only way I can bear to sit down.”

Betty was completely taken aback. She was also extremely curious. Would Jenny want to share her experience? Surely if she was shy about it she would have invented another reason for having the cushion. Betty planned to test the water a little.

“Was it Jake who spanked you?” she asked.

“Yes, of course. He’s very much into that. Thinks it’s the best way for a man to exert his influence. You’d never think it to look at him, but he behaves like a Victorian patriarch or something.”

Betty hesitated a moment before talking about herself. Would Michael object? She knew he was a private person and so far her discipline sessions had been private. But she couldn’t resist the opportunity to compare notes.

“How strange,” she said, barely able to keep the excitement out of her voice. “Michael’s into that as well. But I’ve been good just lately, so he hasn’t punished me for a while.”

“I don’t think it’s really a matter of whether you’re good or not, exactly,” Jenny commented, “it’s more whether they think they have to subdue you. You know, if they see you getting out from under their influence, they use a spanking to bring you back in line, on any excuse.”

Betty thought for a moment. “No,” she said, “I really do think Michael uses spankings as punishments for when I’ve done wrong.”

“Do you enjoy them?” Jenny said out of the blue.

“Of course not!” was Betty’s initial reaction. But then she thought again. “Well, sometimes they turn me on, or the lead-up to them turns me on. How about you?”

“Oh they’re a turn-on all right. Jake’s very inventive. He’s not into bondage or anything but there’s a room in his house that he calls the Punishment Room and he usually takes me in there.”

“What’s special about the Punishment Room?”

“Well there are paddles and hairbrushes there – nothing very extreme – and the sort of horse that kids jump over in a Gym. He makes me bend over that sometimes. The main thing, though, is there’s a video camera set up. He makes a video of every spanking he gives me.”

“What does he do with the video files?” Betty was feeling rather alarmed. What sort of friend was this Jake?

“He makes me watch them. He says it establishes continuity in my disciplining, so I see myself being spanked before I’m spanked again. That really is a turn-on, I don’t mind telling you.”

Betty could actually feel some dampness between her own legs. How exciting that would be, to see a video of Michael spanking her. Or Jake spanking her. But she instantly quelled this last thought.

“How long are those men going to be?” Jenny asked no-one in particular. The implication was that she was bored, which Betty found slightly insulting. In order to make herself seem a bit more interesting, she said daringly:

“Shall we have another drink?”

This might not seem daring at all, but in the context Betty knew that it was. She was the designated driver for Michael’s car, and although he had bought her an alcoholic drink, it was a small one and he had left her with strict instructions to make it her only drink. She would be courting disaster.

Jenny jumped at the idea and Betty repeated their first order.

Just as Betty was in the very act of paying for the repeat drinks, the two men appeared. Betty recognised the grim set of Michael’s jaw. She could not read Jake at all, but she noticed that Jenny had gone quiet and still.

Did the men know they shared similar discipline techniques? Was that the sort of thing men talked about when they were chalking their cues and swilling their beer?

Jake broke the silence. “I think the girls have overstepped themselves,” he said lightly.

Jenny opened her mouth as if about to protest that it hadn’t been her idea but thought better of it.

Jake continued: “My place is in walking distance. Seeing as you haven’t got a driver, Michael …”

“But I didn’t drink any of it!” Betty was almost shouting.

“The intent was there,” said Michael. “It was disobedience, pure and simple.”

“And as for you,” Jake said to Jenny, “I would have thought you’d had enough for one day. Obviously not.”