Six Sentence Sunday - 'His word is law' - 14-10-12

Raoul, Lord of the castle, has come to see whether or not his young wife Bess has defied him yet again. She has in fact complied with his command but, despite her recent ordeals, would rather lead him a dance than give him easy satisfaction.
This is the last in a series of almost continuous excerpts from the book. If you would like to know what happens now, or indeed what happened before, then you will need to buy the book!
He stood by the window while she ate, with his hands behind his back. Bess noticed that he was holding a nasty-looking little switch.
When she’d almost but not quite finished eating, she waited for the right moment. Raoul had his back completely turned and was tapping the switch against his leg when she got up in one swift movement, flung the door open and made a dash for the stairs. She had on only her tunic which scarcely covered her bottom but her legs were free so she could run like the wind. Behind her she heard Raoul’s heavier step.