Six Sentence Sunday - 'His word is law' - 7-10-12

Raoul, Lord of the castle, has unexpectedly and secretly helped his young wife Bess in the sewing task which he set her in order to test her obedience. It is the 'tempered by mercy' part of his justice which has won her over. However her mischief is still alive: she doesn't want him to see straight away that she has complied.

Raoul was strong, handsome, powerful, but it was by that little touch of tenderness that he had shown himself worthy of her respect. He had been harsh with her, but no more harsh than she deserved, and then he had shown mercy and understanding by giving her an unexpected and oh so welcome helping hand. In the future, she would always know that he could punish her and bend her to his will whenever he wished, but she would not want him to have cause. She would fear his condemnation of her behaviour more than his spankings.
Bess had not long finished hemming the last napkin when Raoul appeared. She had hidden the basket under the bedclothes, not wanting him to see it straight away.