Do I deserve a Liebster Award?

It's not often I get to decide what I deserve. Bonnie of 'My Bottom Smarts' has issued anyone who feels worthy with an open invitation to participate in the Liebster Award.

There are 11 questions to answer.
  1. What's the most foolish thing you've ever bought?
    A vibrator because I have to keep it hidden or I'd get one HELL of a spanking.
  2. What is your favorite body of water?
    The changeable foamy sea between my breasts and my knees in the bath.
  3. After a spanking, lotion or no lotion?
    No lotion so far. Maybe it's something I should ask for.
  4. Would you skinny dip if you could be sure that no one would see?
    Would I ever! I do whenever I can.
  5. What was the first name of your first crush?
    Actually a woman, called Pamela.
  6. What is your favorite flower?
    A single rose - I mean like a wild rose.
  7. What is the best reason to have children?
    To pass on the best of you hoping the worst will get lost along the way.
  8. Do you snore?
    Even if I did, I'd deny it vigorously.
  9. What is your favorite smell?
    Freshly washed linen - as long as I'm not face down with my nose pressed in it.
  10. Are you attracted to people in uniform?
    To a man's erect bearing, yes, but not the uniform itself.
  11. Do you prefer mountains, beach, forest, desert, grasslands, or city?
    Definitely not city, and probably not desert, but other than that I'm fairly easy.
I think, on balance, having considered very carefully, that I deserve this award. I hope someone else who passes by this blog might think the same of themselves.