Obey Thy Master

Obey Thy Master by Melissa HardingObey Thy Master, which has just come out, is a compilation of 3 stories, all featuring the infamous O-Bay Club to which Betty and other erring females are taken to be publicly spanked.

The first book, Measure of Control, sees the germ of an idea in the 1950's. Physical punishments, administered by husbands to wives in the company of other couples who are similarly in need of such a discipline regime, are on the one hand enhanced by an added dimension of embarrassment, and on the other kept within safe bounds.

The O-Bay Club sees the idea developed and in full swing. Our heroine Betty, whose waywardness warrants extra stern measures according to her fiancĂ© Michael, finds out the hard way that the Club is all-powerful. This doesn't mean that the chastised women can't enjoy themselves, though.

Curbing Her Compulsion tells the story of one of the women whose punishment in the O-Bay Club is witnessed by Betty. It recounts how the woman's spendthrift ways, culminating in theft, so exasperate her husband that he has recourse to this ultimate bastion of male authority.


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